Friday, October 5, 2007

Misson Organization

So for those that have been following my life and such I guess I should give everyone an update.

Last night my boys stayed with my Mom for the night... Gave Mike and I a much needed break and from what I hear they got a lot of sleep and good Amma Gamma Time..

I am still working on my Mission Organization, but have taken a few steps back... I made a mistake when I was working on my office and put stuff in boxes without actually organizing them... So I have been working on the boxes this week. I love my Creative Memories Decorative Cart!! I have almost all my 12x12 paper sorted by theme or color depending on the papers (CM is by pack/theme, other is my color). I sorted a bunch of my stickers (wow didn't realized I had collected so many) and sent a bunch to school with Cameron... (NOTE to anyone reading, check with your preschools and Sunday SChools if you need to get rid of stickers, etc... The kids love things like this).

I am trying to get going with FlyLady again... if you haven't tried it or don't know what I am talking about, check out There are wonderful tips and tricks... Even Mike took to the idea... It makes a huge difference in our moods... (perfect example is today... I didn't shine the sink last night before I went to bed... so this morning I have a sink full of dishes staring me in the face, makes for a hard morning..)

We are getting ready for our church Harvest Festival tomorrow... (See my other blog for details).. We are a small church, but the people in our church family are so real and sincere. I love our little church family, they have been a rock in our shaky lives this year.

I am continuing work on my Sunday School lessons (I have 3 more to finish up for the group). Cameron has been enjoying it and the teachers seem to like it...

I am considering going back to school to finish my degree. I found a local College that offers an online Adult Degree program in Family Studies with a religious base. I really think I am at a point where something has to give. If I do the program it won't start until January so I have a little time to figure it out and pray on it. I really feel like this degree can lead me in a positive direction.

So there it is a Glimpse into my world..