Monday, November 2, 2009

Workboxes loaded and ready for take off.

I loaded the workboxes for Tuesday and planned the rest of the week.

Workboxes this week include:
Lesson 5 from Foundations Math-U-See
Letter writing : Thank you letters from his birthday.
History/Geography: Abeka 1st grade: Symbols of America
Science: Abeka 1st grade: Baby Animals
Art: Little Boy Adventures (I think we are almost done with this one..)
phonics worksheets
Lego building: Lego City Tow Truck (birthday present)

Letter O: My Father's World worksheets
Number 3: workbook
Unit Study: Hands of a Child : Down on the Farm Day 4
Sid the Science Kid: coloring and exploring pages
wipe off board: letter practice and word creation.
Tic Tac Toe: wipe off card... with Mommy or Brother
History with brother

I also have a couple craft projects for us this week including a collage for Thanksgiving, button flowers, cork boards from bottle corks, and spool kids from vintage thread spools.
The boys want to hit the bookstore and reading room this week so I think that will be fit in to Tuesday or early Wednesday before co-op but we will see... since we took today off for the most part we have to hit the books harder Tuesday and Thursday to make up for it, but I know they can do it.

Can you help Melissa???

One of the Moms in a yahoo group related to workboxes is looking for an idea... Melissa at Day In Day Out is looking for an idea to incorporate a bill sorter into her homeschool...
Got an idea? She is having a contest to find a way to use it... I'm interested in what comes up as I have one of the same wooden bill sorters and would like to re purpose it...