About Us

We are the McCready Family.
We homeschool our boys in a eclectic Christian Home.

Mom; Cariann  is a crafter, writer, photographer, hybrid scrapbooker, and IT Geek. She writes for 3 blogs, hangs out on twitter and Facebook meeting new homeschool families. 

Dad: Mike is a vintage auto mechanic specializing in pre-1965 American Automobiles. He is also passionate about music and stereo sound. He remixes and Dj's for 2 local dance studio recitals while building his own speaker set ups. Dad's company facebook page is a good place to see some of his car projects.

Kid 1: Cameron is new to blogging. Loves Start Wars and being read to.. Doesn't like reading , but does like Math and some copywork. He loves building and creating things.

Kid 2: Nathan loves computers and is an IT Geek in training. He loves to be challenged and is bored by coloring. He loves tractors and lawn mowers , especially if he can drive them.