Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cameron at work

Cameron wasn't really happy that I posted a Nathan only post so I told him I would post pics of him working on his lessons. He works quietly at his desk doing his word list or coloring. Yesterday he worked on his "My body" book project (a mini book to go in his notebook.)

Desk work

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tot School today!

Tot School

Today Nathan decided he wanted to do more than just his usual coloring and annoying older brother, I told him he had drawers full of fun to pick from. He found the foam beads and got a long shoelace from Daddy...
He happily worked on his lacing for almost 20 minutes (I think that is a record for any of his activities.)
[caption id="attachment_164" align="aligncenter" width="477" caption="Nathan working with his foam beads "]Nathan working with his foam beads [/caption]

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The heart of a 6 year old

This week we are studying the human body. We started with taste by watching a DVD tour of the Jelly Belly Factory and sampling jelly belly candy in various flavors including bitter licorice. Then we talked about the basics (head, arms, legs, eyes, ears, etc...) Today we got into it a little more and began talking about the heart. Cameron said your heart is for doing good. I had to agree... He also drew a picture of the heart by tracing a Creative Memories heart shape, dividing it with a little help from Mom and labeling the veins and arteries.
[caption id="attachment_161" align="aligncenter" width="477" caption="Cameron\'s heart."]Cameron's heart.[/caption]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flower Headband

***Thaks Leigh Anne for the better shot...****

A while back Leigh Anne shared a fun crafty gift idea on her blog Your Home based Mom. I made a half joking comment about would it work for a 35 year old mom of 2 little boys... Leigh Anne replied back with something along the lines of 'why not' or 'go for it'.
Well getting ready for Celebrate Portland this coming weekend I decided to live it up and made myself a ribbon wrapped flower headband.
The picture isn't great but it is late and I was using my 2 year old camera phone...

"green" magnets

I was cleaning up and getting ready to attend an all day crop this coming weekend here in Portland. I came across some dull blades for my Creative Memories Cutting System. I was looking at them and thinking why am I throwing these out , I need to do something with them... So I glued them shut (so no one can get cut) and placed a magnet on the back side. Now I have a set of 3 colors of magnets... I plan on using them for our calendar board Green = Mommy, Blue= Daddy, and Red=kids.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year!!

OK so I'm a little late... I haven't blogged in a while...

We took the boys to AC Gilbert Dicovery Village for New Year's Eve and had a blast.
New Years Eve at Gilbert 029

Both the boys blew their noise makers at 9:00 (midnight EST)...

New Years Eve at Gilbert 030

Deep in Thought

We spent New Year's Eve at AC Gilbert's Discovery Village. It was fun to watch the boys explore the pioneer themed activities. Nathan would lock onto something and study it so intently.

New Years Eve at Gilbert 019

They both amaze me... but that night Nathan was interested in new things... He is growing up so fast.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Febuary 9, 2009 could be a economic nightmare.

I don't usually forward links and such but this one has me really annoyed. The CPSIA was signed in August 2008 and becomes law on Feb 9, 2009. Basically it will mean all second hand stores and small business will have either cease selling items or spend a large amount of money having their items tested for lead. Please take a couple of minutes and read the links. During these economic times we have to be money wise, this will cause prices to go up enormously or second hand items to become unavailable. Government site talking about the "CPSIA",0,2083247.story LA Times article that talks about impact and includes Goodwill Interesting article regarding potential economic impacts of the law

The layman's version with the link to send a note to reps.