Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Day of School Ready or Not here we come...

Tomorrow (Monday) will be the first day of school for the "new" year around here.
Cameron will be working on Jamestown with our online co-op and Hands of a Child and Math-U-See Foundations (Chapter 11 already, he is flying through it..), while Nathan will be working through his workboxes that include My Father's World Kindergarten (letter L this week), Math-U-See Introduction (we are counting unit blocks this week) Boogle Jr for L words, white board for coloring, drawing, general play fun, beading with foam beads, and cutting out leaves that he gets to color.

I have several fun activities for Cameron to pick from to go between his real work... Legos and Playmobil are his favorites as well as simply coloring anything he can get his hands on. Should be fun...

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