Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Shopping or rather planning for..

Today I met my mom in town and she took the boys for the weekend, so I decided to do a little Christmas Shopping/ planning.. I stopped by 2 local stores and spent almost an hour thinking about what I could get for some of the family.
The art store seemed like it had something for so many people on our list... It was fun to try out the different pens, look through the art instruction books as well as the Dover books, and check out the various paint mediums... I enjoyed visiting with the mom of the owner... I then ventured next door to a wonderful yarn store... While I did not purchase anything I did look at several books on crocheting that would be great editions to my collection and found a fun instructional book for the boys (yes my boys want to learn to crochet and I will teach them... they can learn to make their own hats and socks... why not???)

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon thinking about things that will bless our family through art and craft..

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