Monday, December 27, 2010

400th Unit coming soon giveaway

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you probably know we love In the Hands of a Child. I love their project packs in both lapbooking and notebooking, mostly for the fact that I don't have to do the research to teach the unit, everything is there for me already. I also have a Lifetime Super Membership and love getting 2 free units each month. I know I won't use every single unit, but the variety is great and the differing levels make it possible to use some of the older graded items to add to the younger units.

To celebrate the upcoming 400th unit In the Hands of a Child is offering a giveaway to one lucky reader.  One lucky reader will win a bundle pack of their choice from In the Hands of a Child.

Here's what you need to do:

Head over the In the Hands of a Child and sign up for their newsletter (you can also download the current freebies while you are there..)

Come back and comment here that you did that. (1 entry)

Next create a wishlist of your top 5 choices and comment here with the list. (1 entry)

Drawing will be held on January 3rd. All comments must be in by January 2, 2011 .


  1. I would love to try these:
    Outter Space
    Heathy Eatting
    Little House in the Big Woods
    Curious George

    I just bought my first unit threw them!!

  2. My wish list is
    Civil War
    Oceans habitat
    Sir Issac Newton
    Art appreciation

  3. I am on their newletter list. I buy from them all the time!l

  4. I signed up for the newsletter!

  5. I would love to have the Ancient China (we are starting that in a couple of weeks), George Washington Carver, Music Appreciation, Technology, the American Government Project pack.
    I have picked up a few freebies from Currclick by In the Hands of a Child and have found them to be very well written and full of activities. I can't afford the membership right now, but I plan on adding some of the projects packs to next year's budget! Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  6. My wish list is
    Biblical Character Traits Project Pack
    Animal Classification Project Pack
    World Cultures Project Pack
    A Little House in the Woods Project Pack
    Airplanes Project Pack

  7. I signed up for their newsletter.

  8. I would really like all of them LOL, especially since I have 6 different grades to teach - from prek - to 3rd/4th, but here is my top 5:

    Story of America
    Explorers of the World
    Outer Space


  9. I have signed up for their e-mail list! ( :

  10. I subscribed to their newsletter!

  11. Here is my top 5 wishlist:
    Little House in the Big Woods Project Pack
    Blueberry Sal Project Pack
    The American Girls (1764-1864) Project Pack
    Bubbleology Project Pack
    Let it Snow project pack

  12. I signed up for their newsletter!

  13. Lets see...I'd love to have...

    All About Ping Project Pack
    Antarctica Project Pack
    Blueberry Sal Project Pack
    Bubbleology Project Pack
    Disneyland Project Pack

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  14. I have only done a few lapbooks. My son seems to love them. I should do more. I guess I've always been overwhelmed by them.

    I just signed up for the newsletters, perhaps they can help me overcome my anxieties. :)

  15. Here are 5 that caught my eye:
    * Biblical Character Traits Project Pack
    * Bubbleology
    * Dinosaur Project Pack
    * Exploring Nearby Space
    * Flowers and Insects Project Pack

    Thank you for your awesome giveaway opportunity. :)

  16. I signed up for their newsletter!

  17. My wish list-
    Exploring Nearby Space
    My State History
    Flying in the Sky Airplanes
    Down on the Farm
    Thank you so much!

  18. Signed up for the newsletter (which I love by the way) And my wish list!

    #1 and really hoping to own soon... this week even ;o)

    #2 Under the Hood

    #3 Airplanes

    #4 Template Pack

    #5 Latin Roots

  19. I signed up for the newsletter!

  20. Here is my wishlist:
    All @ Ping
    Mike and Mary Anne the Steam Shovel (love that book!)
    Rabbits (we raise them)
    Be My Valentine
    Biblical Character Traits
    I also downloaded a free one and can't wait to try it out!

  21. We really want the habitat series. Desert, forest, grasslands, mountains, oceans, polar and rainforest.

    I love their products.

  22. I get their newsletter, and I will be following your blog also. I love the US unit idea.

  23. All signed up at HOAC! Thx for this chance to win. :)

  24. Just 5 is tough... I like many, but 5 are:

    A Devotion a A Day
    In the Garden Flowers and Insects
    In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb
    Jesus Loves the Little Children
    Let It Snow

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