Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: Hands of a Child Notebooking Packs

Christmas Around the World Curriculum If you have spent any time browsing my blog you know I love In the Hands of a Child. We love unit studies and lapbooks, although we haven't finished the ones we are currently working on.  Tonight I want to share with you a newer product from In the Hands of a Child; Notepacks. If you have older students or students that don't necessarily like the mini books of lapbooks then notebooking is a great alternative. Instead of completing a mini book for the various activities the students write their answers on predesigned notebook pages. The same questions are asked as would be in the lapbook.  We have 3 notepacks and I like the flexibility it adds to our lapbooking. Christmas Around the World is our newest notepack and with younger students I found it a great way to work on writing the vocabulary words without worrying too much about the definitions.  I also used the notebooking pages as a place for me to write notes and ideas I had for adding to the unit since I already had the Lapbook project pack.

Combining the lapbooks and notebook pages into one is also another option for families and students that want a little variety. If you haven't tried lapbooking or notebooking from now until January 31, 2011 you can download the current Hands of a Child freebies that include a lapbook project pack as well as a notebook project pack to study any of the great painters.  While you are there sign up for the newsletter and download a current copy of the catalog.

Hands of a Child makes hands on learning fun for the whole family!
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  1. I haven't explored "Hands of a Child". Thank you for sharing! My children love lapbooking, so I'm looking forward to checking out Hands of a Child. Thanks again!

    Loving Learning at it's Best with Lapbooking