Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Workboxes this week

So I decided to share our workboxes this week.

C: 1st grade
Today (Monday was much the same)
1: Computer time (starfall.com for phonic activities)
2. Starfall phonic print outs. Compound words and number words. (He got to work with Papa today as a treat... they did a great job together)
3. Math-U-See Foundations Lesson 4: skip counting by 2 , solving for an unknown, and build and solve simple addition.
4. Art: Watch me Draw "A Boy's Adventure from Walter Foster
5. Bible Time: Continue building our 10 Commandments Train book and reading Scripture Sleuth Series.
(we didn't get through the rest of the boxes today, but that was a pretty big day...)

N: PreK/K
1: My Father's World Letter T day 2 and a Leap Frog beginning sounds page.
2: white board writing
3: computer time with Starfall.com letter activities for Letter T
4: (we had some behavior issues so he didn't get to do anymore boxes today...)

I need to take a picture of the set up as it is working so well for us and the boys both like their cards (Thanks, Honey!!!).

I need to write up some more reviews I have worked up but need to put Nathan to bed for the night...

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