Saturday, February 13, 2010

When I grow Up...

The Old Schoolhouse Store has a wonderful find, especially with 2 little boys that are crazy about all things fire fighting related..

"When I Grow Up... I want to be a Firefighter"  from the WannaBe Series is full of tons of information as well as activities that are not only educational but fun.  Science activities and articles including a fun set on robotics in fire fighting grabbed the boys' attention... While my boys aren't usually big of worksheets, they got pretty excited about these, even before I printed them.  Copywork, word searches, crosswords, and fill in the story blanks are just a few of the activities included. I found the primary lines a little small for my boys in the copywork section as both my boys like to write larger, the primary lines included in my opinion would be perfect for a 2nd or 3rd grader but could have been enlarged for a K or 1st grader.  The space to drawer a picture with the copywork definitely adds to the fun of the activity. A good selection of vocabulary words and practice pages for them are included although on the small primary lines. (we simply used our larger primary lined wipe off boards to practice the words.).

Included scripture passages  as well as games round out this overall good unit study.  If you have a firefighter wanna be I would recommend checking this one out, or anyone of the 8 other Wanna Be Series. Have fun Learning.

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