Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time4Learning: a Review

Recently the boys and I received a one month trial of Time4Learning. I set each of the boys up with their own account, Nathan on Preschool and Cameron on Early Elementary.
So since they each had their own accounts I am going to have them narrate their own reviews, my parent review will follow after theirs.

Mommy: "Nathan, what was your favorite part of Time4Learning?"
Nathan: "Playground"
Mommy; "what other things did you like?"
Nathan: " the bright colors, and the sounds, me also liked the mousie.."

Mommy: "Cameron , what about you?"
Cameron: " when I played Time4Learning on your computer,  there was a really cool space game,  that worked on reading."
Mommy:"  What other things did you like?"
Cameron: " I liked the playground too , even though I didn't play there a lot."
Mommy: " Cameron, what did you not like about it?"
Cameron:" I didn't like the math games"

Ok so there is the boys' reviews.  Thinking about what the boys said and what I say, I think that sums it up. There are a couple things I struggled with; the parent reports are actually within the student sign-on area, I would have preferred the reports be in the parent administrator area, also the price but for some people that isn't a huge issue. I think the program is a great supplemental program and if I had the extra $34.95 a month I would have extended and upgraded our membership.  Overall the program has great graphics and is engaging for the kids and fun to work with them or let them work on their own.


  1. I just wanted to say we use Time4Learning too!
    We also took advantage of thier offer & even thou money is tight i wanted to suggest a cheaper way to afford this program....
    If you buy at least 3 months in adavance you get a nice lil discount ;)
    I know that for us we spent waaayyyyy more money a yr on Abeka(book curriculum) then we are on t4l and my kids defiantly like doing school online much better!
    My son who is 3 is always asking for the MOUSE!!! and love to do the coloring pages..
    My daughter who is 8....lets just say Time4Learning is the reason she is reading....she is very much a visual learner

    Okay well just thought id share my review on here to..Hope that was okay :)

  2. I agree, the kids love it... they keep asking about it now that we don't have the trial membership...
    I don't buy full boxed curriculum, we tend to be more eclectic and I buy used and swap with other moms when I can... Maybe if things start improving in the bduget department we can add it in.. Thinking it might be a fun summer thing (do a short term membership)