Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer balancing act...


Its another Hip Homeschool Hop! I thought I would share my summer balancing act with you all.

We live in a rural farming community so there aren't a lot of kids/ neighbors and this is harvest season so there is a lot of activty outside.. We aren't farmers but all our neighbors are... One neighbor up the road as 4 kids on rotating weeks... My boys love to play with the kids, but now that we are back in school it is hard to balance the summer playdate mentality with our school schedule.. So, this week we are perfecting said balancing act!

Today, Cameron had a shortened load, 1 Math-U-See lesson and 1 Houghton Mifflin Phonics/ Spelling lesson. He was told if he got dressed, ate his breakfast, and got his school work done his friends could come over at 11:00 for 2 hours.. He got it all done with only a little whining... so for 2 hours we had 3 extra kiddos... Feed everyone lunch (Thank goodness for homemade mac and cheese and garden fresh cabbage salad!!).

Tomorrow will be the big day... The kids will arrive at 10:15 tomorrow and instead of regular school lessons for my boys, we will do a mini Vacation Bible School; crafts, music, games, etc...

I attended a training conference this weekend for our youth group and got a wonderful idea for scented water color paint that we will be using. 1 package of Kool-Aid powder (without sugar) and 2 Tbsp water... mix and paint... when it dries it smells like the kool aid flavor... We stopped by our local Win-Co and picked up 6 packages of kool-aid for painting... should be fun!

We are also going to do chalk art (sidewalk chalk and large sheets of paper).. The kids can draw or do rubbings, and then I spray them with hairspray.

How do you balance the homeschool schedule with Public School friends?

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  1. Good question. I am still trying to figure that out.

    My older one was in school for 3 years before we started homeschooling and one of his good friends is in P.S. It took a while for me to figure out that we needed to allow time for them to play when his friend got off the bus and unfortunately that is about the time I am in "full swing". I am not much of a morning person :)

    This year, I plan on being done with school by that time. I am hoping that having a set chunk of time that is for school only will help.