Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainy Trip to the Beach.

Today my husband and I headed to the beach for our anniversary (10/20).. It started out ok, overcast, but ended up windy and rainy (not uncommon for Oregon beaches in October)... Anyway, we made a day of it stopping in Lincoln City at my friend's scrapbook store (Stacy's Scrap Shack), then heading south stopping at most of the view points along the way to enjoy the waves and views. We stopped in Depot Bay and watched the spouting horn for a while, then countinued down US 101... We detoured off the highway onto the Otter Crest Trail and stopped at the Lookout and Gift Shop, where I got a history lesson... Cape Foul-weather (yes that is it's name) gift shop (it was built as as Gift Shop in the 1920's) was actually used by the US Navy as a lookout during WWII and at one point what was thought to be an enemy sub was fired on from a Navy blimp (turned out to be a grey whale... poor guy)...
We continued our journey down 101 to the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport before turning around and heading back to Lincoln City to meet up with some friends (we did meet up with them for a couple minutes in a rainy parking lot...)
Long story short, I am excited to start planning our unit study of WWII with an Oregon Twist... There is so much WWII history in Oregon..

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