Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Curriculum Writing and Planning

So in the theme of keeping it to a shoestring budget I decided to write/plan most of the curriculum myself. Why not, I'm a writer...

Easier said then done... I'm using a lot of free downloaded pieces but realized I still have some holes... We are going to base our theme for most of the year around Biblical Creation... For Science as well as Bible and a little History. I wanted to carry the theme into Reading and Art. Art is pretty easy as I will be trying to reinforce the science and Bible through Arts and Crafts.  Reading , well I will be using the old fashion MaGuffy's readers as well as a lot of story books relating to the various stages of Creation. It is amazing to me that I can plan the majority of a school year using the 6 days of Creation. Obviously I will be supplementing for certain "holidays" and "events" that need to be taught or focused on... i/e the election, the olympics, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Easter, etc...

We will be doing lapbooks this year alot , actually our lapbook for Creation has expanded from a lapbook to a 2" notebook that will include 6 section with all the mini books and pages. I also hope to include a second notebook of the alphabet. I picked up a set of Alphabet divider tabs at Staples today, so we now have 27 dividers for the ABC book... (1 table of contents tab and 26 letters) I was happy to see that each letter had a tab.

Anyway, ramblings aside, we are planning the year with a theme and basically 1 very large Unit Study... (I was going to spend 6 weeks on each day of creation, but I think I'm going to revamp that plan...) .

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