Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Poem to Share

My Friend: A Place of Peace

A softly spoke word,

warms the heart

A gentle push to open up,

Break the cold icy barrier.

Across an invisible land

Our friendship blooms a tropical flower.

The gentle hand of fate bringing

Two People from different worlds a common ground.

Somehow, they manage to grow from each other.

Two new firends

Laguhing together

Sharing together

Caring and learnign together.

No matter where fate leads them; They are destine to grow stronger

Together and apart

This is my friend

I showed him my heart

He shared his with me

Together we have found

A place of peace, untouchable by the others

Ours alone.

Maybe someday, you will understand,

Maybe someday, you can accept,

My friend; a place of peace

Maybe someday , you will be as lucky as I.


Tortured Soul

The tortured soul cries in the darkness

From the anguish it feels in its feeble existance.

To look upon pure happiness, to hold it for only a moment

Only to have it ripped from the heart.

A heart whole in the presece of light,

Now weeps for the love so far away.

She need the touch,

The words

To understand

The heartache

Love, give the spriti everfy and hope

Without its voice

Without its touch

The heart can feel only pain,


It needs only words to free the spirit.

Loved without conditions

Giving love unconditionally,

Understanding loneliness.

To know sorrow

Love know pain as its own

For just a little while aprat.

Souls reachingtoward each other

Reaching for the Love it Knows


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