Monday, August 4, 2008

No Pictures but this is transition week

School officially starts for us next Monday August 11th, but this week we are "studying" for the Olympics... We are working on a lapbook and a wall map in preparation for the opening ceremonies. I have pulled from just about every free resource online regarding the Olympic games and Beijing as the host city. (I will try and post a resource list later this week.).

On the traditional learning front, we did grocery store math today. I had a set budget and shopping at Winco it is either cash or check. Since I don't carry a checkbook anymore it was cash. I told the boys we can go past $XX, so we spent the next 45 minutes adding up our groceries as we shopped. Good news we came in under budget by about $15 and only forgot 2 items...

This evening I started organizing a closet in my office and realized I could move some of the "overflow" supplies and referance materials for homeschool into the linen closet in the hall. Luckily the notebooks and referance binders (curriculm and such) fit on one of the shelves and our family scrapbooks fit on the shelf just below. (I will be modifying the bottom two shelves to accomodate albums as well.). I was pretty excited about the closet as it is half way between my office and our "classroom". Even my husband got into the idea.

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