Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Garage Sale Find and Classroom Organization

I promise I will finish posting my SchoolHouse Planner review this evening , but for now I have to share our awesome Garage Sale (free) finds from this past weekend.

Sorry about the side ways photo, I'm still learning my linux computer system. The huge metal drawer thing is awesome. 30 drawers! On the far right (bottom of the photo) we have our games (magnet letters, clothespin games , etc..) The center section holds activity center things (file folder games, flash cards, etc..) and the left side (top of the photo) holds worksheets, templates for lapbooks, composition books, etc..  On the top of the drawers are 8 letter sorters stacked 4 x 2. Each of the boys has a side. 1 box per day plus 1 box for projects that are done and need to go into notebooks (waiting for glue to dry,  corrected, etc..). Our weather board hangs above it and yes that is a laundry basket next to it, our classroom is the laundry room.

We rearranged the room a little after settling into a rountine of sorts. Still need to find a teacher chair for Mommy but the boys each have a chair and the table is working better now.

Under the table are their apple crates with their art box and notebook. We will add things to the crates as we need them. We haven't finished our olympics unit yet so the rings moved to the wall (they were on the door during the games.) The large chalkboard above the table is Mommy's board for lessons. The boys each have their own, Cameron's is the big one in the photo.  The table , a vintage 1950's formica table has 2 leaves that pull out from the sides. We pull those out for school time and put them away when we are done. If only 1 boy is working we don't have to pull them out...

We are off to lunch and the library. See you all later.


  1. Yeah! Doesn't it make you feel special when you find such deals! You're school room looks wonderful! I'm trying not to be jealous ;-)


  2. How exciting to get such a find especially when you're getting organized! thanks for sharing.

    a cindy rushton friend!
    Amy D.