Sunday, December 27, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Day 1 review

The boys began their 12 days of Christmas units on Christmas Eve. (Yes I had the boys doing school work on Christmas Eve).
Cameron worked on 2 activities from the 12 Days of Christmas Unit from In the Hands of a Child., while Nathan did day 1 activity from 12 Days of Christmas Fun with some modification. We did activity 1 which is suppose to be either a CD or paper plate craft. Nathan decided to make his smaller to include it in his lapbook. Once we finished the partridge he decided we need a pear tree so we cut our of scrapbook paper a pear tree complete with 6 free hand cut golden rod paper pears. (picture to come later). Then we wrote Partridge and Pear on our word strips and attached them to the wall..
Monday we will work on Day 2 and maybe Day 3.

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