Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Workbox activity cards and place card sorting

This is on my list of things for the kids to do.
[caption id="attachment_303" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="our recycled cigar box for workbox cards"][/caption]Right now all our workbox related cards are in decorative cigar boxes (recycling when I can), the problem with that set up is inside there isn't a way to sort the cards, they are just piled in the box... It works but not great.

So I was searching for another idea and came across this idea (someone on the yahoo group had the idea originally), a sorting bin for hardware, even better Home Depot has a kit for the kids to build, it is a little more expensive then I would normally spend on a workbox piece but since the boys can build it and decorate it themselves I am really thinking for getting this one.
We love going to the Lowe's Build and Grow workshop locally and wish we had known about the workshops when Home Depot had this one as a workshop, oh well maybe next time. For now though I will probably order the kit for a January activity.

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