Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Fun with Making Learning Fun

Workboxes have been pretty light the passed couple weeks with Holiday prep and such... however today Cameron had 3 boxes to work through. 1 box was a Disney Phonic workbook from the Dollar Tree, the other 2 were activities from Making Learning Fun . If you haven't checked out Making Learning Fun's pages you need to... Jo does an awesome job with themed activities perfect for PreK and up... I would say depending on the activity and the child you could use it through 2nd grade.. Cameron loves the mazes and crafts and Nathan enjoys the games. Jo has some awesome letter tile activity cards we have used, she even put up printable letter tiles since some people were having trouble finding the tiles. Note, I get the tiles at my local Staples where they have a small package of lower case letters as well as color coded word tiles.

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