Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Figures In Motion. review

Have you seen Figures in Motion? This fun book is filled with history, crafts, education, and general fun.

I recently received a copy of Figures in Motion's "Famous Figures of Ancient Times". To start off the book is full of both full color and black line master style characters. This is a great activity for ancient studies and can be worked into textbook or unit study style approaches.  Since my boys are young, I photo copied 1 character for each of them to color. Assembly was easy with craft brads (pulled from my scrapbook stash). The detail does mean there will be cutting involved and depending on the age of the child, Mom may need to help. That is what I did.  I plan on using more of the figures as we work our way through history and would love to get other editions to go along with our units.

I did have a thought as we were working with the brads, you can use craft sticks and just glue them together and make puppets... a great narration tool especially for youngers and a fun way to get the whole crew involved.

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