Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Word Tile Activities

Cameron got a small package of word tiles similar to this bucket.

I am trying to figure out some fun game activities to use the tiles for besides basic sentence building.

The tiles are color coded: Blue = nouns

Red= verbs

Green= adjectives

Yellow= miscellaneous and punctuation.

So any blog readers have suggestions for activities or know of any downloadables that we could use with these?

I would love to include a sheet and the tiles in one of his workboxes for grammar and sentence structure.


  1. How about a MadLibs type game? You could provide a story with blanks that ask him to supply a part of speech. He randomly picks one of them (he has to identify which color would supply the correct part of speech) and creates a silly story. Then he reads the story to you. You can ask him to make his own story, too, then omit words and supply the right part of speech for what belongs there and YOU play the game.

  2. We use those same word tiles and my kids love them! You could have him sort them by type of word, for example find all the nouns, all the action words(verbs), etc.. You could also do this activity: take a handful of them and have him come up with sentences before the timer goes off- even silly sentences! We also use them for a sort of drawing game where they each child takes a noun and a verb (action) and has to draw it without anyone else seeing it. Then we have to try and guess what they drew without seeing the tiles.

  3. What about a Scrabble type game? Each of you draws 8 - 10 tiles from a bag and build sentences off one another?

  4. Thanks for all the suggestions! Ironically Wendy's is doing Madlibs in their Kid's meals right now, so we are going to make some MadLib games... Love the Scrabble game idea, I think we will even make a game board for it.. This past week we played Sentence Fun (build a funny sentence, then write it).

  5. I love the idea of those word tiles. They look great. I am going to check out my teacher's store and see if they sell them. I am sure I can come up with some fun ideas to use with them.