Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lakeshore Learning: writing books

Since we were in the Lake Oswego area I figured it couldn't hurt to check our Lakeshore Learning's local store. I knew the address sounded familiar but it wasn't until we were almost there that I realized it was the South Lake Center and was actually in the location of an old J.K.Gill store that I use to travel to when I worked at the Hillsboro store years ago (almost 20 to be exact). Anyway, Mike and I were on a mission to find something for Nathan and Cameron to practice printing skills. I had thought about stamps , while Mike was thinking stencils for tracing... We found both but decided on wipe off books . I picked up the upper and lower case as well as the numbers edition.  I also found 2 basic paper journal books for Cameron to continue on his journaling adventures. Mike also found a solar balloon so his upcoming science unit on hot air balloons. Should be interesting...


  1. Hi Cariann,

    Those books look awesome. They are so crisp and clean.

    We have a teacher's store near us, but not a Lakeshore Learning. That would be really cool!


  2. I've seen similar ones at Staples and WalMart although these are separate ones and the WalMart/Staples ones are all inclusive..