Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wonderful Writing Practice

Recently we were blessed by winning a blog drawing Sheri Graham and receiving "Pictures and Writing" by Diane Hurst. I had actually forgotten about the blog drawing until I received the email from Diane. We looked over the e-book and decided it would be gerat for Cameron to use for writing practice. After about 2 weeks, he loves it. The book is filled with writing/ drawing prompts and lots of space. The student draws/ makes a picture based on a prompt, then writes about the picture. It is that simple and at the same time it has given Cameron and wonderful outlet to create and feel like his sentence practice has a purpose.  Diane has created a wonderful tool for younger children that want to create and enjoy sentence writing. All I can say is "Thank you" both Sheri and Diane for a wonderful addition to our homeschool workboxes.

Cameron has the entire book in a binder that is placed in workbox number 5. He looks forward to box #5 and having a child look forward to something in school that is not recess or food related is a blessing.

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