Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blog Planner Form

So I am still working on my central communication binder (Mommy's brain, scheduling, etc...).

I know I don't blog enough so I decided to create a Blog Planner/ Scheduler. It is pretty generic and has me blogging during the weekend and leaving weekends open ended.

I hope someone else can use it. I figured I can write in meme's and such as well as inspirations from different events along the way.

Blog Planner


  1. Hi Cariann-

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the comment about the dresser I found in a field. When I was looking at your posts - as a blogger I could really relate to this one organizing my post schedule. I found a great way to stay orgainized on another blog called Gingerbread Snowflakes. It might come in handy for you. It has made quite a difference for me. Here is the link -

    My best- Diane

  2. Sorry - Cariann I think I typed the wrong name in the comment I just left. So sorry . I think it's time fo me to get some sleep - getting too late.