Friday, March 18, 2011

Letter Kid

This morning Nathan and I were reading a book "G-O-O-D spells Good" and decided to turn Nathan into as many letters and numbers as we could...  He made the obvious letters (L, N, O, V, C,T) and then tried to make a couple more but realized he would need brothers help, so we moved on to the numbers... 1 and 7 were pretty easy, then he tried a 2 (that was a challenge, but a success).. he wanted to make a 4 and a 5 but didn't quite get there... We were laughing to hard to even get pictures of it...

 I did however take pictures of him vacuuming, he decided that housework was part of school time too, I guess he gets an "A" for home ec. today...( I would share them but my camera deleted them... I so need a new camera... )

A full English-language Scrabble tile set. See...Image via Wikipedia
Tonight after everyone had settled down , Nathan went to bed and Cameron wanted to make a story so I told him to draw a picture and I would help him with the sentence... He changed his mind and got out the travel Scrabble tiles and made as many words as he could figure out only asking for help if he was unsure of the spelling... 9 words later he was still going through the letters, he isn't linking the words just putting letters together for a word then moving onto the next line for a new word.  Guess if you let them they will do school time even into the late late night.

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