Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Workbox Wednesday

Picture of Earthwise File FoldersImage via WikipediaToday Cameron and I have been thinking out a plan to get us both back on track.. Our workboxes are a mess and our planning pages aren't working.. Thankfully I found and revisited Sheri's workbox blog  and downloaded her Planner Book pages. We are going to do 3 days worth of pages and numbers.  We are also going to do file folders instead of workboxes. The idea is that in his boxes will be all the folders for the day. We will eventually if this works get colored folder like the ones pictures color coding subjects but for now I am reusing some basic manila folders I had laying around.  I created 1/2 sheet labels the say Workbox #__ for each folder to coordinate with his schedule pages and cards. Lately we have been doing copywork and reading with a little math thrown in... We need to get back on track so we can start some of the fun units we have planned, especially our Civil War unit next month. 

Here is a link to the first 2 labels. They print on the half sheet labels we use for shipping USPS. 
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  1. New follower from the UBP. How I wish workbooks had been around when my kids were younger. I picture myself organized! LOL!