Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maestro Classics Swan Lake dances its way into our #Homeschool #hsreviews


PhotobucketI love classical music and actually am very blessed that my boys don't mind listening to classical music either. I was so happy to receive the Maestro Classics CD "The Story of Swan Lake" as part of the Homeschool Crew before the Holidays got really crazy.
The CD includes a booklet with background information on the Story as well as Tchaikovsky. There is almost an hour of music included on 7 tracks.
When I was younger I danced although never Swan Lake, I have always had a love for the classic ballets and their stories. My boys have seen variation for Swan Lake on stage put on by a local dance school so there were familiar with the music as well as the story.
PhotobucketMaestro Classics offers a variety of CDs featuring classical music stories along with resources on their website  to help add the classical music to your homeschool , as well as fun coloring pages to coordinate with the CDs.  Maestro Classics also offers downloads of their albums if you prefer to add them to your portable device or computer.  I love sharing classical music and stories with my boys and Maestro Classics has helped share my love of music with my boys.  As I began writing this review I checked out their web store a little more and found they offer CD packs, the 9 CD collection, the Classics Pack, or the Story Pack.

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