Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY magnetic poetry

I love re-purposing and creating learning activities. And I am now officially addicted to Pinterest.  I love being inspired and finding used for all the stuff I have managed to save for future uses.
I hosted a House party event last year and had a stack of magnet cards left over. I had seen a couple of blogs were they reused them and decided that would be a perfect idea.

Found an older package of Avery return Address labels in the homeschool closet and decided this would be the perfect size. I think the packaging has changed at least twice since I bought this package of return address labels, and I'm not sure but I think I have found more uses then just address labels for these little guys.
Since the Laser printer's cartridge is almost empty (less that 15% remaining) I decided I would hand write all the words. I think each sheets has 80 labels, I used 4 sheets of labels and most of the labels have 2 words. I used a combination of the Dolch word list (complete) and the a sheet of words I found on I wrote the words in fine point sharpie marker in a variety of colors

Here is one of the magnets ready to cut up.

I want to seal them before I cut them since the labels were older and might not stay on the slick surface of the magnet as well as I would like. I am going to use a mix of Elmer's White school glue and water to seal them.

On a side note this week while we were cleaning up the boys' bedroom I found the set of magnetic poetry that I had been looking for in a corner of their room... Oh well, I guess we will have the ultimate collection of magnetic poetry words.

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