Friday, May 3, 2013

Canning season ready or not; Strawberry jelly with honey

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a gallon of raw local honey with the intention of making some jam and jelly. Well I finally got around to cleaning out the canning jars and the pantry so I felt like I could make a batch. 
I searched online for a simple recipe and found one at for Honey- Grape Jelly. I decided it was simple enough (only 3 ingredients) that I would try it. 
I used strawberry juice I canned last season 2 1/2 cups of unsweetened juice,  1/3 cup pectin (I purchase it in bulk from our local Gleaners group), and 2 3/4 cups honey. 
Only 3 ingredients!

Unionvale Home I set to cooking it on my stove and decided I would even use jelly jars this time (I usually make all my jams and jellies in pints). It didn't take very long since you don't boil it. I poured the jelly into 6 half pint jars and covered them with a towel until the cooled off. I decided not to process this batch since I am sure my boys will have it eaten in a week or less. I think the next batch I will process for 5 minutes to seal the jars. (Found 5 minutes listed on another blog).  I was really nervous about it setting up , but this morning when I checked it, all 6 jars had set! (insert happy dance here!!!)
The color is beautiful!! If I had the supplies I would do a traditional wax seal on them, but this round like I said is going straight into the fridge and my crazy boys will eat it in a week!

Now , I guess it is time to start filling all these jars with wonderful goodies! Guess I should finish planting my garden so I have something to process!


  1. That sounds delicious! About how long did you cook it?

  2. Oh my goodness: look at all of those beautiful jars waiting to be filled! LOVE raw local honey. Strawberry jelly with honey sounds delicious. Enjoy!