Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mom Fashion goes Purple and Flexi

Mom Fashion is trying something a little different,  flexi-clips!  I was blessed to receive 2 clips to review and share my thoughts with my readers.
WOW! Finally something versatile that holds my hair and doesn't pull or fall out.

In the last month I have tried a variety of hair styles with the flexi clips and have found the side pony tail is my favorite. I can have my hair pulled away from my face but still feel like it is still down.
LillaRose is a direct sales company and I was blessed to find out that a homeschool blogger friend is a rep who loves to share ideas even on Pinterest .
I received 2 clips including a medium dragon fly and a small beaded clip with clear beads. Both have been incredibly versataile. They are sturdy, but feminine. I love that I can wear something that isn't too heavy but still acts as an adornment.
I have long hair, while it is long over the years it has thinned some so it is often hard to find something that can be worn with variety. Lately I have been wearing a twisted bun with the dragon fly along the side.
I keep the beaded clip in my purse as it is so easy to use on days I start out with my hair down but need a change midday, I can do a quick pony or half up.
The clips can be dressy or casual which is a bonus as I like to take a piece like my purple rayon blend top and dress is up with black slacks or dress it down with a simple denim skirt. With both outfits I did the same basic side pony and a flexi clip.  A little bling never hurt Mom's appearance, but not too much.
Lilla Rose being a Direct Sales company offers programs to start your own business, if that is something you are interested in be sure to check out  Jennifer's Page or the company's main page.
This review has given me a bit of inspiration when it comes to Mom Fashion posts and venturing outside my little box. Thank you, Jennifer for the opportunity to share these fun little treasures.

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