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25 Truths makes for a interesting dialogue @25truths

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Having an open dialogue about simple truths can become an interesting dialogue when you bring the kids into the talk.
Thanks to a recent Schoolhouse Review Crew opportunity, we did just that; in reading and reviewing 25 Truths by Ed Douglas.
Over the years I've read my share of inspirational books that talk about how to be successful and happy,  but they all seemed to missing something key, the scripture to back in up.
I love the 26 chapters, yes I said 26. Each chapter focuses on a new truth with a bonus "plus one" truth.
Some of the highlights to this little treasure:
Truth  #7: Don't hate -instead forgive; sounds simple enough right? How much energy we waste hating things, events, even people in our lives. The obvious scripture quoted at the beginning of this chapter Matthew 18:21-22, think about 70 times 7. Even the discussion questions for this chapter get to the heart of the matter, "What can you do to stop hating and start forgiving?"(pg 40).
Thoughts that came to us while discussing this truth centered around loving each other especially our neighbors and remembering that God loves us all no matter what.

Truth #12: Learn What Brings True Happiness; the summary message from the chapter really nails a lot of what is wrong with society now. "Combining your talents with hard work over  an extended time to accomplish something of significance can help you find happiness"(pg 68)
My boys loved thinking about things they love doing and how that might become their career someday. Nathan  loves fixing things and is already thinking about working in his Daddy's shop; while Cameron wants to design new cars inspired by the old cars. Either way, they are being inspired by things that make them  happy.
The book has a wonderful discussion section at the end of each chapter to ask yourself, your children, your spouse, even a youth group or Bible study. This 150 page paperback book retails for $12.50 on the website
You can also find the book on Twitter.
Here is a wonderful promo video by the author,

I have enjoyed reading these truths to my boys and then having them discuss the questions as well as their own thoughts. They might be a little young for this book as a whole at 7 and 10, but I want them to start seriously thinking about their reputation, their ideals, and how important morality really is to the direction we are going.
I have also been reading this with my husband during a few quiet evenings and discussing with him, where we went wrong in our youth, and how we need to lean on the Scripture to make sure we guide our boys in the right direction.
Have you had an open discussion or dialogue with your family about morality, responsibility, or truths? If you are looking for a starting point to open dialogue this little treasure of book if your ticket. Even if you are having these open discussions with your kids, this book is full on so much love and inspiration that you are bound to find something new to add to your discussions.

I can't wait to read what the rest of the crew thought of this little treasure. You can see what they thought by clicking on the button below.


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