Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Computer Craziness

So Mike's computer started "smoking" the other morning.. not exactly smoking but smelling like burning electronics.... this began the journey through new computer adoption and the fun games that go along with it... I've spent most of today working on tweaking and setting up his new computer to mirror his old computer... I don't like the new design of Office!!! it is too distracting... so I'm going to try and locate the Office cd's from the old computer or simply move it by hand... What a Pain!!!
The boys have now been with out their Fisher Price Insta-link game for 3 days now ( they are 2 distraught little men...) so Mommy has been doing double duty to keep them entertained.
Other than a couple of emails and the 2 blog entries today, I haven't seen my computer much... I so wanted to spend some time digi scrapping but doesn't look like it is going to be today... Maybe tomorrow...

I hope to share some of my creations here this week as well as lessons learned in my ladies' Bible Study...

For now , I'll call it a night and put these poor computers to bed..

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