Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Computer Joys and Woes

It is crazy!
I love working with them, but some days I just hate these dang machines... I've been working with computers for a long time (since age 10 to be exact), from my first machine.... a Vic20 (yes I had one, and I think it is still in my parents' garage somewhere) to my current XP machines (all are at least 4 years old...) I enjoy the challenge I guess, but at the same time the frustration with the simple stuff can really drive a girl nuts!

Of course my husband loves the fact that I can take a machine that most people would throw out and resurect it and make it go and better yet, I seem to find the best components at goodwill... Last week is the perfect example... My laptop is almost 8 years old (we have a history....ha ha) and I was complaining about the networking issues I seem to be having... well at goodwill I found a brand new in the box PCMCIA card with ethernet connector.... (I had been eyeing one at Staples for $34.00) anyway, the card was only $4.99...!! yippee, I got it home and mazingly enough it works... (I'm on the laptop connected to the home network now...). Also found an older zip drive (parallel port) and an HP scanner that just need a plug (which I happen to have)... how exciting... so with my awesome deals found at Goodwill I was able to restore some digital files I had saved on zip disks (lost my old zip drive) and scan some scrapbook pieces (die cuts and stickers) that I want to use in my digital scrapbooking... all in all those were the computer joys...

And so far the Woes have been working themselves out... Now just need to find a couple of odds and ends to add to my desktop computer (needs a little more life and spunk) and we will be ready to go... Of course I still need to try and fix the older computer that was smoking so the boys have their game back....

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