Sunday, April 20, 2008

Code, Language, OS, and me

For those that know me you might get a good laugh of this... I'm usually a jump in or better yet dive in and figure it out as I go kind of person. My chaotic life is probably the best example of that. So when I decided I was going to fire Microsoft and switch at least my computer to Linux my husband didn't question it. When it comes to the computer he almost always tells me , "whatever works". He isn't computer illiterate but doesn't know that much about them (he has figured out the mechanical side of it pretty quick...) so for the last several weeks I've been "stumbling" Check out and you'll understand. I've been reading , searching and experimenting with Open Source applications not exactly ready to fully "jump in" to the world and switch over. There is still this dependence on Microsoft, for those people that think MS doesn't have a monopoly style hold on the PC industry please pause and remove your head from the sand.!!!

Ok, so I've found replacements for almost all of the applications we use, heck I even found a couple new things that will help with Mike's sound mastering work. I'm slowly learning language and rethinking the way I go about my computer time. I'm trying to make it easier and also make the transition smooth. I might even move Linux onto all our computers thus saving us having to get a new on as Linux will run on an older system faster than the Windows OS runs on that same system. There isn't a machine in this house younger than 5 years, and most are nearing the 10 year mark if they haven't already passed it. So my journey back in time so to speak is a gentle journey, I'm not jumping in head first I'm taking it slow.

If you don't hear from me via email as quickly don't worry , I might have just done it and switched the system... Give me a day or two to get back to you... In the mean time check back here often, I am using Open Source applications and add-ons for blogging already and loving it.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a lot of work! Too ambitious for me, but I applaud you for doing it. I hope you enjoy the new system!! Good Luck!!