Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Mom Minute

Today was a rush. We all woke up late and after last night's campfire in the backyard, everyone needed a shower... Keep in mind we leave for school at 8:45.. Mommy was up at 8:30. Panic NOW!! Daddy hit the shower at 8:31, Mommy hit the other shower at 8:32 (Thank goodness for 2 showers), Cameron hit the shower at 8:35 (in place of Mommy)... Mommy pulled on a quick on the run outfit, grabbed a peanut butter a jelly sandwich for Cameron and a glass on milk... We hit the van and were off at 8:48 (only 3 miuntes late).
Ran a couple of errands, walked Dad (my Dad) through some computer issues, and came home to laundry and lunch prep... Oh and Nathan and I organized a kitchen cupboard Thanks Leigh Anne for the inspiration (check out SO now I'm heading back to pick up Cameron at school and come home for lunch.
This was a Mommy Minute.... a few quick minutes in my office on my blog... Thanks for Scribe Fire I can blog without losing the page I'm reading or listening too...

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