Saturday, April 12, 2008

Menu Madness

On the way home from a day of activities today, Mike and I decided we need to budget our travel time better. This conversation got started after we filled up his truck at the station and paid 4.05 a gallon for diesel. What the heck???? Anyway, we decided Wednesday will be our day to go to town for groceries, banking , etc.... Unless something major happens and we have to go to town, this should help on the fuel usage as well as the sanity...
We went to our local Grocery Outlet to do the shopping and on the way home decided we could plan out Menu based on a Sunday- Wednesday schedule leaving Thursday-Saturday flexible... So here goes:

Sunday: Pot Roast, potatoes, onions and Normandy Veggies (Costco bag)
Monday: Tator Tot Caserole with green beans
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Salad
Wednesday: Beef Sausage Dogs, Noodle Roni, and salad (kid's night to cook this week)

We will see how this goes. If we can work with this schedule it will make life around here a little smoother... Thursday nights I have Bible Study and the boys are usually spending the night at my Mom's so that doesn't need planning. Friday if the boys are home it usually ends up being Chillighetti or Pizza night... Saturday is Mom's creations, I usually do something with leftovers, or we end up with friends and family somewhere...

I shared a link to my meal plan at She has meal plan Mondays as well as tons of other organizational tidbits.

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