Thursday, November 13, 2008

BFS: #108 Quality is Job #1

My family and I rarely do anything apart from each other. We don’t really have quality time together because all our time is together. We feel like the more special moments are when we have dinner together or when we worship God together. For this assignment, tell how you and your family spend QUALITY time together.

This assignment is timely... Following Cameron's birthday I let him pick out a couple of gifts with his Gift Card from Walmart (Thank you Auntie Karla and Uncle Matt!!!). He picked out art supplies including an art pad, paint brushes, and a set of Crayola kid paints (washable and in easy to close containers)... so for the last 2 evenings we have been doing art after dinner with Daddy.  Tonight Nathan joined in and the 3 boys painted pictures (works of art!!! I'm not biased or anything.), while they painted I sat at the table and created a couple scrapbook pages of my nephew... We are enjoying this creative time together that is not "school" or eating time...  Of course I will be saving the boys' works of art in their school notebooks and scrapbooks.

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