Thursday, November 13, 2008

BFS #109: We Bring Good Things to Life

Share a field trip/lifestyle learning experience where you really felt you were bringing good things to life for your children, where something came alive for them, or ignited a passion.

I can think of several field trips that have given the boys something to really grab hold of... OMSI teacher night back in September was a great trip for them to see things in action as well as reinforce several mini units we were working on... The dinosaur exhibit as well as the forest life area struck a cord with Cameron.  Nathan loved playing in the children's museum water works and sand box.   The other field trip was our trip to AC Gilbert House/ Discovery Village, the boys love going there and seeing what is new and exciting.  I know even a trip out to Daddy's shop can be a enlightening "field trip" for them as we strive to make learning engaging and fun.


  1. Dad's shop - isn't that the best, when our kids can learn from, and follow in the footsteps of their dad's.

    Pretty blog, I don't think I've ever visited you before, but I see you're not new to BFS

    Mrs. Sombra
    BFS Teacher

  2. Hey Cariann
    Dad's shop sounds like the best place for sure! My son loves to visit and help my hubby in his "shop" which is the garage (where I can never pull in and get out in a nice, non-snowy area cuz he has it loaded with project cars)-we have named it the Man Cave (complete with an old TV and lawn chairs)....
    Hope to see you in one of Cindy's seminars again-soon!
    Blessings to ya!