Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BFS #110: Computer help People Help People (IBM)


Share some of your favorite homeschooling sites.  The only “rule” for this assignment is that you have to list at least one “free” site.  Many homeschooling families have made the choice to live on very little income to do what they believe is best for their children and I want everyone to be able to benefit from this assignment.  If you have other sites that are “paid” sites, feel free to include these also as it might be something someone would really appreciate.  If you feel led, share your curriculum choices with us.  I always love to learn what is out there that I don’t already know about.  Please make sure to include links to the sites you share.

My favorite Sites:







Of course I could list more... I was just scanning my saved links and have several hundred (I need to purge them) but the above are my all time favorites for free homeschool stuff.. I have a list of fav's for blogs, mom stuff, ect but that is another post.


  1. Hi Cariann~ Thank you for all the great links! I've been to some of them but not many. I'll have to check out some of the others. thank you for a job well done!

    Mrs. Nancy
    BFS Teacher

  2. I bought an address book several years ago to write down my favorite websites. I need to do a lot more writing in it though.I have hundreds saved to my favorites. I'm just slow about adding them to my book. ~ Blessings! ~ Nikki