Monday, November 17, 2008

Veteran's Day Lapbook finishes off Community Helpers Unit

I still need to reload the camera and take pictures of the finished lapbook but Cameron and I worked on a great Veteran's Day lapbook on Tuesday. It was a free download that another homeschooler forwarded to us and it was great.  We talked about each branch of the service, what is a veteran, how to treat the American Flag and then finished with Veteran's we know.  Cameron wrote the motto for 3 of the 5 branches of military as well as the names of 5 people we know that are Veteran's (Papa, Uncle Matt, Eric G., Pastor Jim, and Will W. ) those were the names he was the most familar with and could relate to, not that the others were not important but getting a 6 year old young writer to focus on writing a list... We picked just a few.  He decorated the cover with some patriotic stickers I found in my stash and titled it.  Overall the lesson was good and the time together was great.

Next week we will be changing gears and studying the stars. Day 4 of Creation... The boys have been looking forward to this unit for the last month... I'm glad it gets dark earlier and I can take them outside to see the stars (praying for a clear night at least once...)

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