Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington 2009

WOW! What a blessing this weekend has been. We had the privelage of being a a vendor at the annual conference for Christian Heritage Home Educators in Redmond Washington. The facilities at Overlake Christian Church were amazing to begin with and the hospitality shown to the vendors and their families was incredible, not to mention the pure honest Christian Values displayed by the staff and attendees was inspirational.

Since I was working at the In the Hands of a Child booth, I did not get
chance to hear many of the speakers, however I did get to chance to hear Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr. speak what an amazing and inspirational message.
Friday evening, he spoke poinently about the blessing we as parents are to our children and how our children are a blessing to us. He also talked about the role we as parents have in teaching our children.
During the conference on Friday I was able to hear Dr. Baucham's talks only briefly, but he did make a very strong statement that made me realize I am doing right by my children by homeschooling them. Many Christian schools boast their staff is certified; "certified by whom?" was the question Dr Baucham poised. If you want to maintained your value systems influence on your children why send them to schools that require certification from a flawed world view system?

We also had the privilege of listening to a selection of music performed by very talented homeschoolers; from voice to a string quartet and even a bagpiper (which Cameron was ecstatic about). I am happy to report that both boys showed Mike and I that they are capable of sitting still and showing due respect to performers as well as speakers during a long session.

As a newer vendor to the homeschool conference circuit I did learn some things about presentation and sales techniques. I found homeschool parents are interested in new ideas but cautious to purchase a new method. I also found that fathers where as interested in the idea of lapbooking and unit studies but wanted to really dig into the meat of the idea. I handed out flyers and business cards to probably 25 people in the last rush hour of the conference, my hope being that with the business card and flyer they will take a look at the website

I did get one photo of the booth this time. I uploaded to my facebook page.. I have some ideas for arrangement/setup for this next weekend that I will be trying out.

If you happened to stop by the booth at CHHEW, let me know by leaving a comment.
I hope to have a giveaway on my blog later next month so stop by often.

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  1. Yeah, we heard Voddie Baucham speak last year and he was awesome! Really challenged my husband as the leader of our family. Glad you got the chance to hear him.