Saturday, April 25, 2009

Titanic Unit:

We have been preparing for our Hands of a Child Co-op Unit The Unsinkable Titanic by reading various books about Titanic and watching documentaries.
Currently we are reading "Tonight on the Titanic" Magic Tree House #17 by Mary Pope Osbourne. This is a wonderful book series featuring 2 children and their adventures in the Magic Tree House.. We will be adding these to our library of books. If you haven't checked these books out, head of to and find the extra activities that go along with the books including a passport for the kids to collect "stickers" for reading the books and responding to the questions.

Back to Titanic; Cameron is fascinated with the ship and her story, so I have let him watch both National Geographic documentaries about the ship and the work to find and preserve her final resting place. I remember as a child being fascinated with the ship's story as well so this is a great time for the two of us to share our passion about something.

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