Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are you a Super Member yet?

In the Hands of a Child offers a great add on program to their already awesome collection of lapbook project packs, Super Membership. Purchased as a subscription in 2 month, 6 month , 1 year, or Lifetime increments, the Super Membership has benefits that will far exceed the subscription cost.
First, 15% off all e-book purchases, an e-book runs from $6.00 - $27.00 so 15% will add up fast. Second, new release free e-book project packs once a month that stay online in the Super Member area for 2 months. Currently the Super Member project packs include "Inca, Mayans, and Aztecs" , "Beatrix Potter: Author Study" , and "The Tales of Peter Rabbit: Literature Study".
Each month on the 15th (or the next business day) the newest Super Member project pack is uploaded and the oldest one is released to the general area for purchase. Next to the Super Member benefits is the great resources in the Super Member area; these include planner pages, mini books, and tools for lapbookers. Finally, the brightest star of the Super Member area, Unit Extenders. Currently there are over 30 unit extenders in the Super Member area. Unit Extenders are the product of a yahoo group that works as a Co-op adding Curriculum activities to a daily planner that adds cross curricular themes to the unit. There are 2 other great benefits to being a Super Member; first a free Birthday Project Pack sent about 2 weeks prior to your birthday, and $10.00 off the price of a custom design unit.

Here are the current prices for Super Membership:
2 Months: $35
6 Months: $45
1 Year: $65
Lifetime: $250

Lapbooking is great way to work through any unit study, for our family it is our main method of homeschooling. We love the project packs that In the Hands of a Child has created and will continue to grow our library of project packs through Super Membership.

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