Friday, May 13, 2011

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum is an awesome place to check out. With soon to be 3 museums on site along with an outside play park there is something for everyone.
We have visited the Aviation Museum as a family and Cameron and Daddy attended a Homeschool Day at the Space
Museum, both had tons of kid and family friendly activities.
In less than a month the Water Park will open where kids can play and learn. The Water Park has been a journey to watch. We attended the raising of the 747 last year and have been watching the progress every week as we drive past.
Our homeschool group will be participating in an educational trip to the Water Park during opening week and the boys could not be more excited.
I am also hoping to work with the museum for our youth group to earn a couple of their honor patches.
Generally speaking this local museum though expensive is well worth the investment and if you can afford it a membership is an awesome way to save a few dollars and take advantage of the Museum and Member discounts.

For Kids and Families - Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

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