Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scripture Adventure: A new Journey

We are beginning a new journey this summer with Scripture Adventure. We will be working through the Old Testament workbook. Scripture Adventure is a fun full Bible curriculum that includes activities, worksheets, Memory verses, and much more. The boys and I are looking forward to this journey and hope you will join us as we share our experiences with the program here.

From the website:
Scripture Adventures in the Old Testament is a full curriculum products that takes you on an engaging journey of the history of God's people from the Creation to Divided Israel. Your children will learn about the faith of David, the righteousness of King Josiah, the patience ofJob in his trials, the covenant God made withIsrael, and much more. Lessons feature readings from the Bible (choose KJV, or NIV version--coming soon), creative writing assignments, hands-on projects, presentations for kids to give to the family, Old Testament maps, memory verses, and directions for a Passover feast. Your Scripture Adventures curriculum comes as an instant PDF download so that you can get started right away!

The ebook is available for $19.99 and contains over 200 pages of lessons, activities, guides, and worksheets. If you head over to their website there are a couple of freebies currently available including a summer reading calendar and coloring pages.

***we received the ebook from the publisher in exchange for our honest opinion. Unless otherwise notes the information provided is our personal opinion and no additional monetary compensation was given.***


  1. This looks like a cool resources. Sounds great! Looking forward to hearing how you like it.

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  2. I really love scripture Adventure as well. I will be review the Parables of Jesus this summer. It is a great resource. :) Great Blog

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