Thursday, August 18, 2011

Broccoli Harvest with @SalemHarvest

Tonight Nathan and I joined 100+ other pickers to harvest Broccoli near the Willamette River as part of Salem Harvest. This is my second harvest this season and Nathan's first.
He jumped (literally) right in to picking the broccoli and putting in our bags.
Since half of what we harvest gets donated to Marion/Polk Food Share I decided we would pick our 3 bags and donate that first then go back and pick into those bags a second time for ourselves.
The sun was pretty bright so I knew Nathan wouldn't last the full 2 hours. We stayed out for an hour and picked plenty for ourselves. On our way back to the van, Nathan asked "Mommy, can I donated my second bag too."   I was so touched by his generosity and couldn't say no, so he carefully  dumped his second bag full into the crates headed for the FoodShare.   I was so proud of my little man.  I want these harvests to teach the boys that our food doesn't just come from the store and that a little hard work is good for the soul. I guess he taught us all a little something tonight. 

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