Friday, August 5, 2011

Our first week of #homeschhol

We survived our first week with only a few tears and a lot of proud moments.

Some things that worked:

1. the file folder modification to the workboxes has been a HUGE success.
2. Color Coding, at first the boys grumbled that we were continuing with the color coding from last year but it has made it easier for them and for Mom.
3. Consistent order to what is in the folders. I may rearrange the order of the folders later but this week they were all the same.

Some thins that need some tweaking:
1. I think I am going to try and offset the start times a little more... Having the boys at the table together is fine but I think if I start Cameron 15 minutes before Nathan he will get a little more quiet time. Once he gets settled into the new year I may let him take his folders to a different spot in the house or even outside but for now I'm going to keep them at the table.

2. Nathan needs to move faster in his Math-U-See , I think I'm going to test him and possibly skip a couple lessons or maybe move him into Foundations sooner rather than later.

3.Cameron needs more coloring/ artsy activities as well as a history unit soon... I need to add another folder to his mix soon rather than later...

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