Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blogging through the Alphabet A is for alone?


I started out to write something totally different and was thinking about this week in our homeschool and changed my mind. A is for alone. At least this week, the boys have been doing their work alone. Cameron actually got up today (Tuesday) and did his Math before I got up. (keep in mind I am not a morning person and neither is he...)  Dad heard the boys arguing about something and went to see what the issue was, turns out Cameron wanted Nathan to leave him alone so he could finish his school work before Mom got up. Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but he got his Math , Reading, and practice words done, everything on his schedule for the day, leaving him more time to play and experiment with his new USA magnet puzzle. He is timing himself to see how fast he can get the states put back in place.
Do you work better alone? I know I do and I shouldn't be surprised that my boys are the same way, Cameron more so than Nathan.  I'm so blessed to be able to homeschool him and let him work alone when he can.
He knows there are times when Mom and Dad will help him and explain new ideas to him, but at this stage of the game I am thankful for his desire to work on it alone. Monday he pretty much did the same thing. Since the alone work is a newer concept , Daddy sat with him while he got started while Mommy worked with Nathan on the snake game (a fun Montessori math activity). Cameron was inspired and wanted to do the whole week's worth on Math in one day, when he gets a little older I might let him do that but for now I really want him to work daily on practicing Math concepts and reading.
Some days life with boys can be rewarding and other days we will just save that for another day.

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