Saturday, February 11, 2012

Favorite Field Trips

Do you have a favorite Field Trip?
I do!
During the summer we had the amazing opportunity to spend the day at Evergreen Wings and Waves waterpark. You might be thinking that isn't a field trip, oh but it was. Wings and Waves has an amazing upstairs room filled with stations that teach about the water cycle, submarines, the Mars rover, the moon landing, tidal waves, and the various states of water. There is also a serious of symbols about energy efficiencies in the building that kids can see out the windows.
Downstairs in the waterpark itself there is a wave pool, a wirlpool , a hottub, 4 tube slides that start inside the 747 on the roof, and a kids play area that includes a helicopter that dumps water on the forest.  Of course this is the fun area of the field trip, but as you are waiting in line for the slides you learn about the 747 and when you get to the top of the stairs you are actually inside the 747 where you can watch a video of the lifting of the plane onto the rooftop.

Admission and Schedule, you can also contact them about group rates.
The water park as well as the Air and Space Museums on the same campus have educational programs and scouting programs available

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